About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team of traders and engineers (geeks) and are specialized in forex trading as well as automated trading using the full scope of what forex traders need and how to improve their trading skills.  After trading for many years with several brokers we understood that fees are an extremely important factor to influence trading results. Since we were not satisfied with the current fees being offered by the forex industry we decided to shake the market up a bit by offering wholesale fees for retail traders. And less is definitely more for our clients, since lower fees are the easiest way to improve your trading results. Founded in 2016 we are still a young company, but our team is extremely experienced and focused to assist our clients improving their trading skills.

Integrity counts

We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of establishing trust. We try to find a balance where our interests are aligned with those of our clients, a fair deal for the both of us. Our clients should feel “at home” where they can always rely on our expertise. And we consider them as friends and treat them as such. Not a marble office and expensive suits, but honesty and transparency is what matters in our company.

Low fees matter

Many forex traders complain about their trading results. Obviously they lost but the important question is; why? Of course, markets can be volatile, over leveraging, bad bad broker, so why not start at the very basis of choosing your broker. Always make sure that:

  • your money is safe with your broker, who operates in a regulated environment
  • you use a stable trading platform
  • your broker is member of the compensation scheme, FSCS
  • you don’t get nasty phone calls whenever you are asking your money back
  • you get swift support
  • that deposits and withdrawals are for free
  • and always ask yourself why you should pay more for the same service

Spread the word

We highly appreciate if clients spread the word about our low cost structure, since we already stated that we do not wish to start any sponsor ships and we can always use a hand to push our brand forward. We invite bloggers/webmasters to contact us in case they see any chance to cooperate.